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VoterPal is a voter registration app created by Voto Latino, a non-profit whose mission is to empower the Latino community in the American democratic process.

Simplifying Voter Registration

VoterPal simplifies the registration process for all U.S. citizens. The app makes filling out a form on a mobile device quick and painless, so no one gets discouraged from completing it.

Boosting Engagement

After scanning your driver’s license (or manually filling out a form), just hit send. Minutes later you'll receive a PDF with your voter info filled in. Print out, mail, and you’re done. The form automatically reflects the registration rules of your selected state.

VoterPal encourages individual users to register friends, and organizations can use the app’s Event Mode to keep count of how many people they’ve registered.

VoterPal is now integrated directly with Rock the Vote

QR and QA

Integrating a QR code scanner into the app required dedicated QA. In most cases, the information on a driver’s license was written down, then manually entered into a DMV computer. Everything in a QR code is taken from that process, so it’s essential to ensure that the flow of data is accurate, easy, and secure.

Strategy and UX

VoterPal offers a visually-rich user experience, full of custom illustrations and nuanced, thoughtfully-researched UX.

The app can recognize a preference, send email, and produce registration forms in Spanish. We executed end-to-end internalization of the app, not just translated text.

Implementation of push notifications was a strategic part of the build. Notifications help build an “evergreen” community that stays up-to-date with Voto Latino’s efforts before, during, and after the election cycles.


registered voters in the 2018 elections



The flow of data is accurate, easy, and secure

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