FanDuel's NBA InPlay

A real-time mobile fantasy game that you can play live during NBA games.

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Using innovative digital audio technology, Fanduel’s NBA InPlay redefines real-time fantasy basketball gaming. The app enhances and improves user engagement with a colorful, compelling experience that directly connects pro basketball fans to what’s happening on their screens.

Fantasy Sports Takes A Leap Forward

NBA InPlay is an at-home game that fans can play while watching NBA games. Users play real-time fantasy basketball (picking players, earning points, and competing to win prizes) against friends, co-workers, or other fans across the country. The spectacular design incorporates player photographs, team colors, and content.

Real-Time Testing

The audio sync technology used for NBA InPlay is brand new, and the time-stamped watermarks contained in the broadcast signal needed to be tested in several (loud) environments.

We’re not talking about your garden-variety testing either! Over 100 hours of live play testing (mainly at night) were necessary to improve the latency (all TV signals, whether cable, satellite, or terrestrial have different amounts of delay from the live event).

We had to watch the games in real time: so no DVR pausing, replays, phone calls, or extended absences that push past a standard commercial break.

InPlay players sync their device to the audio of a game and play along with it live.

A Present Under the Tree

NBA InPlay’s release date, December 25th, was one of the biggest basketball viewership days of the year. Design, development, quality assurance, final approvals and submission all happened in under 16 weeks.

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