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Wellness meets the connected home and office.

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An innovative app that gives users total control over air quality in their home or office.

Clean Air, Connected Home

Healthy living starts and ends every day with the air that you breathe. The Airmega Smart Air Purifier app gives owners total control of their office or home environment, making clean air a priority at all times.

Through the app, users can remotely activate the Airmega from any location, set the timer, see the status of filters, and receive both indoor and outdoor air quality updates.

Voted Best of CES.

Health and Wellness

Coway is a Seoul-based manufacturer of health and wellness appliances and a market leader in Korea and Asia. Airmega is part of Coway’s global expansion strategy, and their first product for the U.S. market.

We concepted, designed, and developed the mobile application component of this gorgeous and innovative product, which was unveiled at CES to great reviews.

The WiFi-connected unit senses the indoor air quality while receiving real-time information on outdoor air quality and adjusts the filtration accordingly. The app also allows users to track air quality over time for a historical perspective and configure alerts for pollution or filter status.

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