The Small Planet 2019 Summer Gear Guide

A little technology, a little sustainability, a little surgical steel.

Merlin Bird ID

It happens every summer, you're out enjoying nature and see an interesting bird, but like a doofus city-dweller you have zero idea what kind it is...Merlin app is free and amazing. You can ID via photo (which works offline) or by answering five easy questions.

ENO Doublenest Hammock

You don’t have to be an outdoorsy type to appreciate this hammock. Although, if you are, you probably know that it’s one of the most comfortable ways to lounge outside. REI can be pricey, but when you’re blissfully hanging between trees in what feels like a human cocoon, it’ll be the best 70 bucks you’ve ever spent. 

Everlane Trainers

Everlane is doing something really cool with these sneakers. They’re on a mission to make a zero impact product, using recycled plastics and offsetting carbon emissions. They aren’t totally there yet, but these shoes are a big step: the soles and laces are almost entirely free of virgin plastic, and the leather is from a Gold-Certified Tannery that significantly cuts its water use, electricity use, and CO2 emissions. Here’s to making environmental responsibility stylish. Read more here.

Standard Baggu

If you can’t tell already, we’re big fans of reusable things that can fold up and be transported easily. Baggu does just that, and also makes it look cute. Say goodbye to the days of forgetting your reusable bags at home, and being “that guy” at the grocery store. You know, the guy with all the single-use plastic bags. Don’t be him.

Corkcicle Insulated Small Beverage Canteen & Stemless Wine Glass Set

The name says it all, so this one doesn’t need much explaining. Perfect for a boozy picnic or beach day, this canteen and glass set can transport an entire bottle of wine or bubbly, and keep it cold for hours. Also of note: one of the color options is Unicorn.

Igloo Recool

For an alternative to your standard single-use styrofoam cooler, we’re into these biodegradable Igloo Recool coolers. They’re cheap, compostable, and made of recycled natural materials. They keep ice for 12 hours, water cold for 5 days, and can be dried out and reused as many times as needed. A great way to keep your camping and beach trips environmentally friendly!

Matador Pocket Blanket

Blankets: so important, but so bulky for the active traveler looking to kick back and relax. Not a problem with these water-repellent pocket blankets. They fold up easily into a tiny rectangle, they come in multiple colors, they aren't super-expensive.


Whether you’re a mountain guide or an inexperienced hiker, this app can come to really good use. It works offline, and can tell you the name and altitude of any mountain you point your camera to. So when you decide to venture out of the city and get in touch with nature, you can impress your friends by knowing the lay of the land.

Case Trapper Knives

There’s something so satisfying about finding yourself caught in a bind, and being able to put to use your handy dandy pocket knife to remedy the problem. Sometimes, it just feels better than using a normal knife. Besides, how can you pass up a product description that includes the phrase "surgical steel blades?"


Over the last five years, Ultimate Ears' series of "Boom" speakers established itself as the leader in the portable speaker market. The MEGABOOM (yes, they use all caps) entry is pricier, but worth it. It's waterproof (to a degree), can float, has great sound, and be paired with other UE speakers.

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