Small Planet's Oktoberfest 2019 Beer List

Our staff favorites for this season of joy.

Innis & Gunn Lager 

I first encountered Scotland’s #1 craft lager while toodling around Edinburgh, and when I mentioned it to my friend recently his response was "Ah yes, the beer that tastes like hot buttered toast." Innis & Gunn’s barrel-aged beers are pretty remarkable and their branding is fantastic. Perfect for a cozy sit by the fire after a day out exploring your highland of choice. -Lucy Bonner

Schiehallion Craft Lager

My friend (the one talking about buttered toast) recommended this to me as something to look for when I went up to Edinburgh, and it did not disappoint. A bit hard to find ... maybe that's why it left such an impression! -Lucy Bonner

Fifth Hammer Neighborbräu Pils

Please enjoy this easy-drinking pils at the Fifth Hammer taproom while waiting for your lane at the neighboring bowling alley, The Gutter, in Long Island City. -Mike Seidler

Crosstown Brewing Margarita Gose

Citrus and sour lovers: it may be fall in New York City, but it’s still (always?) margarita season down in Memphis, Tennessee. -Mike Seidler

Zombie Killer Hard Cider

Got introduced to this by a friend at Revolution in Morristown, NJ. Great, complex flavor, with a good body and a good finish. The taste has a nice amount of sweetness and spice, and there’s a hint of cherry alongside the apple cider. It’s the perfect refreshing fall drink. -Tim Rabanal

The Alchemist Rapture

Coming from my home state's upside-down twin, Vermont, well-known brewery The Alchemist recently got their hands on enough Galaxy hops to mass-produce Rapture. This IPA hits you with its tropical fruity aroma followed by a citrus flavor that makes your mouth tingle with delight before being whisked away by the sweet yet toasty malt backbone. -Taylor Plimpton

Smuttynose Old Brown Dog

Sticking with my New England roots here, especially when it comes to fall. (What better place to embody it?) Over 30 years after it was first brewed, the New Hampshire classic is worth revisiting. Hoppy and hearty, Old Brown Dog is perfect for game day grilling. -Taylor Plimpton

Coffee Barrel-Aged Framinghammer

Had this formidable-sounding porter at TØRST in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and was very pleased. Rich but not gross, sweet but not cloying, it’s a great “dessert beer” for jacket weather. 10% ABV, so sip responsibly. -Matt Brown

Harpoon Rec League

We love the retro design, and Rec League delivers on it’s easygoing, hang-out branding with a light, citrusy flavor that’s got way more personality than your typical session beer. -Matt Brown

Finback Double Sess(ion)

Another flowery summer beer that’s a nice year-round alternative if you want something lighter than double coffee stouts, this parenthetically-fortified witbier contains Szechuan peppercorns. Sold. -Matt Brown

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