Small Planet's Favorite Live Webcams

Mellow Jellyfish, Norwegian Trains, Kitten Cabanas

Small Planet loves all things streaming, and if that streaming happens to include adorable animals, faraway places, regional train routes, wolf rescue, and NASA space missions, all the better.

Kitten Cabana

Live from Tampa's much-needed Big Cat Rescue, which set up a separate space for rescued domestic cats, Kitten Cabana is gold. Fluffy, fluffy gold.

Puppy Playroom

After watching kittens all day, sometimes you just need to break it up and watch something completely different. Also read more about Warrior Canine Connection's Mission Based Trauma Recovery model here.

Cornell Lab Feederwatch Cam

We're big fans of Cornell Lab's Merlin Bird ID app and find Feederwatch to be quite soothing, especially if your current office view is backyard-deficient.


The official stream of NASA TV runs 24/7 and really shines when showcasing spacewalks, in-flight interviews, and stunning views of the earth during missions.

Train Driver's View

We're by no means connoisseurs, but Norway's Bergen Line cam is our train feed of choice, especially in winter. Not quite a live feed due to spotty connectivity, but the tunnels are awesome.

Live Jelly Cam

For years, Monterey Bay Aquarium's jelly cams have set the standard for blissed-out, long-distance communion with Chrysaora fuscescens

Live NYC Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Cam

From a camera at the top of the St. George Tower in Brooklyn, an epic view of the great bridge and the city. From here the BQE traffic doesn't look so bad ... that has to be an optical illusion.

Venice Italy Live Cam

Venice has been struggling a little recently, what with all the rising seas and the outrageous tourist traffic, but it can't hurt to show it a little love from afar...

Bryant Park SkateCam

Watching the skaters is great, but tune in during the week for some of the alternative fare like ice bumper cars (they should open up the whole rink so the cars can really build up speed, but that's just our opinion).

Wolf Conservation Center Webcam

The WCC's upstate New York compound features multiple camera feeds of critically endangered Mexican gray wolves and red wolves, which are part of the federal rescue and release program.

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