Quarantine Diversion Kit #2

Play games, stay sane.

Good Job

For this edition of Quarantine Kit, Small Planet rounded up the games we've been playing for community or distraction. If you have a recommendation let us know and we'll add to the list!


Sort of a sister game to the wildly-popular Heads Up!, players make up fake answers to trivia questions, and everybody has to guess which one is real. Good for Facetime/Zoom situations that need an activity to rally around (the six-person group chat definitely has its limits, as we're all discovering).

Tick Tock: A Tale for Two

A really clever two-player game for iOS that doesn't use networking to connect. It uses a phone call or video chat or (if isolating with someone) sitting next to one another on the couch. You only see half of the information and have to communicate what you see to the other person to solve it. Great if you're cooped up with someone.

Good Job!

Downloaded this Nintendo Switch game last weekend and we're hooked. You’re basically hired to complete a variety of office-related tasks (this article does a good job describing the gameplay). Great for people who care about great visuals, problem-solving fun, and creating total and complete anarchy.

Cards Against Humanity Online

it'll take more than a global pandemic to stop our innate need to occasionally be tasteless and bawdy. Just create an online room and go, it's super-easy. Also check out this nightly Scottish pub quiz.

Death Road to Canada

“Written by a real Canadian," this RPG zombie-killing game follows you and your crew of deadbeats on a road trip from Florida to Canada. Every game is randomized, so you never have the same experience twice. Full of vastly entertaining moments and inspired gallows humor.


A couple of months ago designer Zach Gage revived his classic word tower puzzler from a decade ago, and with developer Jack Schlesinger created something immediately familiar but also streamlined for audiences in 2020. Easy to play, easy on the eyes, and easy to grasp, the new SpellTower+ is a great brain game for workday breaks.

Wide Ocean Big Jacket

Downloaded this game for Steam after reading The Verge's review and it's worth checking out. Gameplay is fast, you can get through the whole game in a couple of hours max, The game makes you the de facto director of the action, which plays out in creative ways. That "action" is blessedly low-stakes: the whole thing centers around a camping trip filled with exploration, hot dogs, and awkward conversations.


This has been out for a few years on iOS, and like Wide Ocean Big Jacket it's ace cards are story and mood. Oxenfree is a spooky paranormal teen romp on an abandoned island (what a dream honeymoon idea!), with beautiful visuals and great dialogue.

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