Podcasts We Love: Fall 2020

Oil booms, best jokes, and unladylike behaviors.


Good One

Vulture's new(ish) pod interviews comedians about the process behind their best jokes. Start with the recent episode with the always-entertaining John Mulaney talking about the origin of the Sack Lunch Bunch special on Netflix.


What happens when women break the rules? From hiking etiquette to tattoo taboos, living single to living like Tori Amos, hosts Cristen Conger and Caroline Ervin are going to find out.

The Adventure Stache

Essential for cyclists and outdoor people, mountain biking legend Payson McElveen's wide-ranging interviews cover "voluntourism," advocacy, adventure, and, of course, professional cycling.


Chronicling the ups and downs of the oil boom economy in West Texas, Boomtown looks at the fraying social, economic, and geologic sinews that form this rugged part of the world (and the characters they find for interviews are one-of-a-kind).

The Great Women Artists Podcast

Katy Hessel's entertaining, informative series shines a much-needed light on important women artists (and how little historical and journalistic coverage they typically receive).

The New Day: Feel the Power

Wrestlers Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods bring big style to the outrageous confines of WWE, but they're also super-charismatic and hilarious podcast hosts talking about subjects far outside the ring.

Something Rhymes With Purple

We mentioned this in one of our Quarantine Diversion Kits earlier in the year, but we're giving it another shout out here. Each week famed English lexicographer Susie Dent and broadcaster/writer/pickled ham Gyles Brandreth go on a journey to discover how words and phrases got their origin.

Bunga Bunga

Wondery's had a run of slick, true(ish) crime stories like Dr. Death, Dirty John, Joe Exotic, and The Shrink Next Door. Hosted by comedian Whitney Cummings, Bunga Bunga tackles the story of a self-absorbed reality TV/real estate magnate who "bungled his way into a country’s top political office." Italy's Silvio Berlusconi, of course.

Don't Ask Tig

Each week, comedian Tig Notaro and a special guest star deliver highly suspect (yet oddly inspirational) life advice based on listener questions on everything from roommate romances to wilderness hygiene to workplace etiquette.

The Happiness Lab

Dr. Laurie Santos is on a mission to use science to understand the mind. With episode titles like Psychopaths and Superheroes, Demonic Possessions, and Good Screens and Bad Screens, how can she go wrong?

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