Design Directories for Inclusivity

Resources for building diverse design teams.

Diversity continues to be a popular topic in the design industry these days, and it’s not hard to see why. According to the 2019 Design Census, designers still skew predominantly white, straight, and cisgender.

In response, many online communities have formed to connect designers and illustrators from underrepresented groups to one another. Some have even created public directories, making it easy to network with (and hire!) talent historically left out of design. 

For our products to be more inclusive, design teams need different voices, so we’ve compiled a list of these directories. Design's diversity problem is complex, but using these lists to find your next designer, speaker, or consultant is a place to start.

Blacks Who Design


Twitter: @BlacksWhoDesign

Latinx Who Design


Twitter: @latinxsdesign

Instagram: @latinxdesign

Queer Design Club


Twitter: @queerdesignclub

Instagram: @queerdesignclub

Disabled List


Twitter: @DisabledListOrg

Instagram: @DisabledListOrg

Women Who Design


Twitter: @womenwhodesign

Women Who Draw


Twitter: @thewomenwhodraw

Instagram: @thewomenwhodraw

Cartoonists of Color


Twitter: @COCdatabase

Queer Cartoonists


Twitter: @LGBTQcomics

People of Craft


Twitter: @peopleofcraft_

Disabled Cartoonists


Twitter @disabledcomicdb

This list is ever-expanding and ever-evolving, and we want to include as many voices as possible. If there’s a directory you think should be included, let us know.

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