Apps We Like: August 2020 Edition

Great apps for end-of-summer staycations or (very short) road trips.



The design is very usable and the visuals are super cute – it provides a bit of whimsy with my weather, which is great when I'm staring down a week of near-100 temps. There isn't any clutter with ads, either! -Lucy Bonner 

“Music for the Brain” is a life-saver for those who need to focus and do deep work. It’s like having a personal soundtrack for your life. -Zuza Hicks


MyMazda’s UX is a challenge, but it does some neat things, like tell me where the car is, if I left the door unlocked, what the tire pressure is, how long before it needs an oil change, and what the mileage on it is. Plus it has remote start (which I don't trust, but still seems cool). -Joana Kelly

‎Baby Tracker - Newborn Log

Where all my baby data goes. You can't rely on your brain to remember when the last time something happened. Believe me, with a baby there’s always something to remember. -Angie Sanders


Nice for consolidating all your streaming services in one place (and acting as a nice guide to what’s streaming where). But I think the UI is a little better (at least for the iOS app). -Nick Bowlin


Same general idea as Justwatch, but also features dark mode all day long. Seeing all your subscribed content together in one place is so useful. -Quinn McHenry


Strava is my most used social network. It was really important to stay motivated during the quarantine, and the new "Routes" feature is perfect for planning long rides. -Julien Morin

Yahoo Finance

Looks great and very easy to use. I'm a fan of this app on iOS, but there's a bug that keeps causing the prices of stocks that I own to go down instead of up. I need to contact the support team. -Mike Seidler


We got a dog this summer, and one of the many purchases we made was the pro version of AllTrails. It’s been a hiking essential for years now, but I appreciated the reviews and how easy it is to find pet-friendly trails. -Matt Brown

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