Android Developer Toolbox

Command line tools, documentation resources, text editors, and more.

Are you looking for detailed, up-to-date Android documentation and examples?

We created a developer toolbox, available as a shared google sheet with shortcuts to:

  • Command line tools
  • Resources for building, documentation + VCS
  • Text editors, plugins + Logcat viewers
  • Libraries such as Timber, Retrofit, RxAndroid + others
  • Slack channels and Twitter handles

We update this list often, and it’s open to everyone. Anything you’d like to add? Let us know!

Javier Moreno Aleman is a Senior Developer at Small Planet. His areas of expertise are game development, Android and Unity.

Tammy Tyberg is a Developer at Small Planet and has worked on a range of media, health, and data aggregation projects. She also collects programming memes.

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