Full Stack Web Technical Director

We are seeking an experienced Full Stack Web Technical Director to join our leadership team.

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About the Job

Specifically, you will help grow and manage our web development team and provide technical leadership to create innovative solutions for our clients.

You'll work closely with project leadership to scope functional and technical requirements for new and potential client projects. When growth is required, you'll facilitate new candidate interviews and drive the decision-making process for new candidate hires. Also, you will

  • Evaluate development tools and drive client project architectural decisions.
  • Be able to provide direct assistance at every level of our client project needs.
  • Identify the best technology stack to fit our clients’ unique needs.

You'll develop application features considering search engine optimization, content updates, scalability, accessibility and security. Plus you'll stay current on web development best practices, technologies, tools and languages, and actively explore implementation for client projects.

Skills & Requirements

At least 5 years of experience as a web engineer and architect with specific experience creating, implementing, and sustaining responsive websites.

You should be proficient in JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS/SCSS and related technologies. Previous experience with Shopify is highly desired. Experience in AWS (Lambda, S3, API Gateway), Node/NPM, and with SQL and/or NoSQL databases is also desirable. A working knowledge of CMS implementation and server-side programming languages is required.

Supervisory experience is a plus, as is any experience in developing websites for regulated industries such as healthcare and finance. E-commerce experience will likewise be favorably received.

In addition to your CV please send us a cover email letting us know why you think you will be a good fit for us here at Small Planet.


We’ve built a work culture that is deeply collaborative and hard-working, but also supportive and friendly. We truly respect the work-life balance, which can be a challenge (now more than ever).

Small Planet also strives to support a more inclusive, safe, and diverse world. Our core values propel us to foster as inclusive a work environment as possible, support organizations that advocate for social justice and diversity, and ensure that accessibility and inclusivity are essential to our product development and design.

How To Apply

Send us your CV along with a cover email letting us know why you think you will be a good fit for Small Planet.

About Small Planet

Small Planet Digital is an award-winning company of developers, designers, and producers in Brooklyn, New York. We make chart-topping apps for Disney, Planned Parenthood, Oakley, Girls Who Code, FanDuel and the NBA, Aetna, and more.

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