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Designers, developers, producers and UX strategists

Founded in 2009

Our Services

Mobile Design and Development

Small Planet has been designing, developing, and managing mobile digital experiences for major clients since 2009. We use our deep experience with iOS and Android applications to create brilliant products.

UX Strategy

We understand that the best digital products have the best UX. Our award-winning UX and Design Team seamlessly integrates with product and technical tracks to deliver best-in-class digital experiences.

Web Design

We've worked with the biggest brands in the world to create websites that fit seamlessly into their digital portfolio. We can collaborate with your in-house team to perform everything from a design audit to an overhaul of your site.

Connected Devices

Whether it's for in-store shopping, at-home comfort, or outward-bound adventures, we know how to make connections. Have a question about heads-up displays, Alexa skills, AR/VR, wearables, or touchscreens? Ask us anything.

User Acquisition and Monetization Strategies

We help clients develop and manage comprehensive marketing strategies, creative assets, paid campaigns, loyalty programs, and geographic/demographic expansions.

QA and User Testing

Quality Assurance can be a monster, but it doesn't have to be. We integrate QA into all phases of product delivery, thoughtfully implementing strategy, optimization and testing into the process.

Product Management

In addition to developing and managing new features and rollouts, our management team can handle everything related to product roadmapping, staffing and scheduling, project budgeting, sprint reviews, and planning.

Product Team Consulting

We've launched and maintained digital products for all sorts of companies and organizations. We can help you identify your ideal team structure and fill the holes for you as you build out your in-house capabilities.

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