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Sketch Plugins

Shine bright like a diamond.

Isar Chang

Isar Chang

Small Planet designers use many tools when creating digital products, including Sketch. It’s versatile, powerful, and very easy-to-use when designing for multiple devices.

Any great design tool also has a healthy number of plugins to help designers customize their experience. Sketch is no different, it seems like there are a million little tricks and add-ons you can integrate. Small Planet builds so much for mobile, we keep our eyes open for any app-specific plugins to help us out.

We’ve curated a resource page that includes some of the plugins we use most often, including those that allow you to:

  • Remove unused symbols
  • Use powerful layer/artboard renaming features
  • Distribute selected objects with specific distance
  • Utilize various functions by running commands via your keyboard
  • Save and load colors into the color picker
  • Plus several more

This is a simple, no-frills, shared Google sheet that comes in handy when we’re building apps. Take a look, and if you have anything interesting you’d like to add let us know.