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Pinball Wizard

We taught an iPhone to play pinball with machine learning, and it’s awesome.

Small Planet

Small Planet

Small Planet’s always trying to get a handle on new tech, so we formed a Machine Learning Lab and started tinkering with a few machines.

We’re using neural networks and deep learning to teach the phone how to play. We used CoreML’s super-efficient neural engine to let the phone keep up with the pace of live pinball.

We captured hundreds of thousands of images of ourselves playing pinball, then used those images to train the neural network. The phone works the flippers through controllers we wired into the game.



We’re interested in all matters related to AI, deep learning, machine vision, neural networks, and CoreML. We‘re running on an iPhone 6 now, but we‘re chomping at the bit to run this on the new A11 Bionic chip.

Find out more about how we did it here:

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