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Intro to GenKit

A free framework and tool that makes app-building easier and faster.

Quinn McHenry

Quinn McHenry

Technical Director

Why did I build GenKit? Because I enjoy being both safe and lazy.

Ok, let me explain: I love saving time and I love trusting the tools I build. GenKit offers a reliable way to automate code generation in cross-platform projects and ensure parity and type safety.

GenKit helps you define data in easily maintainable YAML files and allows non-developers to make changes without touching code. It also helps templates transform data, automate repetitive code generation, and generate wiki documentation.

GenKit is free software available to everybody. For build instructions and files go to

GenKit is written in Swift using Swift Package Manager, and implements both Mustache and Stencil template engines. Here’s a short intro:



Questions or comments? Send them to Enjoy the benefits of safe laziness!