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June 2017


June 23, 2017

The Unaffordable Urban Paradise
“Tech startups helped turn a handful of metro areas into megastars. Now they’re tearing those cities apart…” 

Horizon Zero Dawn & the Morality of Playing God
“If a large number of lives are sacrificed in search of future prosperity or peace, do ends justify means?” 

RSVP: Transformers II
“NYC: Next week’s panel at Microsoft’s Reactor Hub on how brands are integrating emerging technologies with mobile…” (eventbrite)

Japan Has the Robo-Toilets of the Future
“They offer a dizzying menu of options…heated seats, automatic odor-neutralizers and lids that rise when you approach.” (

Cats: extreme outliers among domestic animals
“Then researchers saw weird data points…an Egyptian cat at a Viking sea port in the Middle Ages.”

Why We Should Look for Alien Megastructures Around Pulsars
“Our descendants will wrap the sun in a massive solar-collecting shell…a Dyson Sphere.” (

Don’t Call It A Comeback
“DC power lines are being used again thanks to their ability to outperform AC lines over long distances and directly connect with renewable power sources.” (

Google’s “Grand Central of the West”
“Google’s plan to build a massive transit-centered village in downtown San Jose could provide a new model for the design…” 

Hanging on the Telephone
Our new Spotify playlist celebrates the fading art of telephone conversation, and attempts to answer the eternal question: ‘”Hello…is it me you’re looking for?”


June 16, 2017

How Lego Clicked
“Indeed, it has been called the Apple of toys: a profit-generating, design-driven miracle built around…” (

A Techie Made Apps To Randomize His Life
“He built a Facebook app that would randomly choose which event Max would attend.” (

Death by Hamburger
“The hamburger menu is one of those trends that designers don’t question often enough; they just do it without further ideation…”

Small Planet Goes to 99U
“Turns out we don’t want to think too hard when using a product—we engage with it more when it makes us look or feel good…” (

Bible Study at the Bachelor Mansion
“They would have weekly gatherings to study the Bible or discuss their beliefs…no magazines though.” (

Specific Tactics Social Media Uses to Hook You
“That’s why Netflix and YouTube auto-play the next video…instead of waiting for you to make a conscious choice.” (

Quick Hits from Northside 2017
“Disrupt is a great verb, we had good times together…but the sense of outsider rebellion is gone” (

Mapping the Shadows of New York City
“You’re looking at a map of all of the shadows produced by thousands of buildings in New York City over the course of one day.” (

New Drone Ideas from Ex-Googler and Machine Learning Engineers
“There’s probably one place you might not expect to see drones: hovering above America’s farmlands.” (

How Food Tastes to Me is Totally Different From How it Tastes to You
“A podcast on how factors such as smell and mouthfeel influence how we perceive what food tastes like.” (


June 9, 2017

Are Pop Lyrics Getting More Repetitive?
“I know a repetitive song when I hear one, but translating that intuition into a number isn’t easy.” (

Inside Hasbro’s Digital Transformation Into a Modern Toymaker
“The company hit $5 billion in 2016 for the first time in its 93-year history…” (

Small Planet Goes to the Movies
“Our new playlist celebrates the season of spandex, icebergs, asteroids, and dinosaurs. We spared no expense.” (

Are Chatbots Just Another Fad?
“The most exciting part was that chatbots were going to understand the nuances in human language, i.e., context, tonality…” (

How I Learned to Stop Hating and Love eSports
“Newzon, a research firm, estimates that the multi-million dollar business known as eSports will generate $1.1 billion by 2019…” (

Amazon’s Bookstores Are Not Built for People Who Actually Read
“The books…exist far less to serve the desires of the reader than to serve the needs of Amazon.”

The ‘Vending Machine’ Skyscraper That Creates 3D-Printed Homes
“The printer receives materials that are pumped up by hydraulics on the sides of the building.” (

How New York Is Turning Food Waste Into Compost and Gas
“The project could change how all New Yorkers deal with refuse…on a scale never seen in the United States.” (

My Friend Jibo
“Does Jibo still have the chance to be as groundbreaking as originally promised? We won’t know until after Jibo finally releases its family robot…” (


June 2, 2017

New Emoji Tool Tracks When Your Favorite Symbol is No Longer Cool
“There is only one true emoji cage match anyone cares about: eggplant vs. peach.” (

The World Needs More Cute Robots
“Getting consumers to buy and interact with robots means Anki and others will get better at designing them…” (

An AI Invented a Bunch of New Paint Colors That Are Hilariously Wrong
“The results are possibly the greatest work of artificial intelligence I’ve seen…” (

Democracy Has a Design Problem
“If we want technology to help connect people with their government, we have to design it with a human face…” (

The Quest to Make a Super Tomato
“Modern agriculture has massacred the tomato. Farmers have selectively bred tomato plants to grow fast, resist pests…” (

In-Store Unauthorized Installations by Carson Davis Brown
“The works are made, photographed, then left to be experienced by passersby…” (

Tech Comes to the DMV
“Young envisioned situations where a car could issue an electronic ticket to a driver who is speeding frequently.” (

Metal Asteroid Worth $10,000 Quadrillion
“NASA’s mission to visit 16 Psyched has been fast-tracked and should happen in 2026.” (

WTF is Technical Debt?
“A favorite pastime of every engineer is griping about code they inherited from departed colleagues.”  (


May 18, 2017

What Has Slack Done to the Office?
“It was a very, very stupid way to air grievances. And yet, at the same time, Slack was also the obvious place to do it.” (

How I Accidentally Stopped a Global Ransomware Attack
“I noticed it queried an unregistered domain, which I promptly registered.” (

American Energy Use, In One Diagram
“Spring brings new growth, new possibilities, and a new spaghetti diagram from the Department of Energy.” (

Understanding Human Behavior Can Open Up Design Opportunities
“You then take that empathy and—in the best cases—reflect it back on them through your work.” 

Why Amazon is Eating the World
“Consensus is that we’ve hit a tipping point…the retail industry is finally seeing major collateral damage from Amazon’s growth.” (

Your Password is Terrible
“That’s why, year after year, the world’s most popular log-on remains ‘123456,’ accounting for 17% of 10 million compromised passwords…” (

Meet the Musical Clairvoyant Who Finds Ghosts In Your MP3s
“He investigates these lost layers of sound…and then tries to make new music with them.” (

How the Strokes — and the New York rock boom — went bust
“Everyone desperately wanted them to be big, but they kind of weren’t.” (

Intro to React Native
“React Native’s big selling point for developers is the ability to simultaneously build mobile applications for both Android and iOS.” (


May 16, 2017

So much has been going on at Small Planet over the last few months, here’s a quick roundup of all the action:

Our Panel at the CDX Brand Summit
At the upcoming CDX NYC Brand Innovation Summit, we’re moderating a keynote session June 1st and our panel is…pretty fantastic. Digital innovators from the Kansas City Chiefs, L.A. Chargers, and FanDuel will talk about engaging the connected fan with our Chief Experience Officer Fred Lee.

We Won a Webby
The Loop app we built for Girls Who Code just won a well-deserved Webby Award in the Mobile Sites & Apps/Public Service & Activism Category. We went to the awards presentation Mondaynight and it definitely lives up to the star-studded reputation…at one point we got within 20 feet of Steve Buscemi!

…And Two Communicator Awards
The Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts’ 23rd Annual Communicator Awards recognized the Girls Who Code Loop app with the Award of Excellence and Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s Spot On app with the Award of Distinction.

…And an IDA Honorable Mention
Planned Parenthood’s Spot On app was also recognized last week by the International Design Awards, which recognizes smart and sustainable multidisciplinary design.

We’re Going to be on TV
Small Planet was able to help out one of the final teams on the new reality competition show Girl Starter (Fridays on TLC). The team came by the office full of energy and determination, and while the cameras were rolling we were happy to lend them our expertise. May 19th and June 2nd are the days we’re on. (We think? There may have been some post-production shake-ups, but Team SP will definitely be doling out wisdom.)

Are You Going to the Northside Festival in June?
If so, let’s meet up while we’re there! Send us an email. We’ll coordinate and buy you a beverage. Also, if you have any news, announcements, sponsorship opportunities, or happy thoughts you’d like to share, please let me know.


May 12, 2017

How Dove Ruined Its Body Image
“In practice…the Real Beauty Bottles seem offensive, but it’s hard to put a finger on why. I’ll help.” (

Silicon Valley’s Sexism Problem
“Venture capitalists are bright, clannish and almost exclusively male. Only around 6% of partners…” (

Mother May I?
Our new Spotify playlist features songs that celebrate the mothers in our lives. Tributes, appreciations, and other favorites. (spotify)

More Robots, Fewer Jobs
“The upper Midwest was ground zero for the robot explosion from 1990 to 2007. The other hot spots also make sense on closer inspection…” (

Alexa, Call Mom
“Amazon wants you to call friends and family through Echo speakers — and it is even putting a screen on one of the devices so you can see them…” (

Which Period Tracker is the Best for You?
“Made by Planned Parenthood…this app is so gosh darn friendly and educational, it feels like a big body-positive hug.”

Nationalism & Transatlantic Travel
“It’s not just that the ban might be divisive, it’s that some passengers do not know where they stand.” (

Money is Just Stored Energy
“With digital currencies, the friction of banking, geography, corruption, and time has been removed.” (

Unleash the Command Line!
“Get access to one of a stash of favorite tools + add-ons when building native iOS and Android apps…” (


May 5, 2017

You Talkin’ to Me?
“Our recent discussion about conversational interfaces, Siri vs Alexa, machine learning, and the very fine line between lazy and stupid.” (

The Bell Tolls
“Traditional brick-and-mortar stores are trying to reconcile their old business model with one in which profit margins are thinner.” (

Analog Resurrection
“Older analog technologies provide the kind of tactile physical experience that a purely digital world has started to remove.”

We Need More Alternatives to Facebook
“He says he will tweak his service and upgrade society in the process…should any company be that powerful?” 

The NFL Makes Billions from TV — Can It Do the Same with Amazon?
“How the NFL slices those rights will offer a glimpse into how the world’s most valuable television property…” (

The Accidental Origins of Kirby
“One of Nintendo’s most iconic characters almost didn’t get created, at least not in the form we’ve come to know and love.”

Cybersecurity is an Incurable Disease
“Asset-based security runs uneasily alongside the school of thought that says data, not devices, needs to be protected.” (gigaom)

Designers Love Systems
“Design systems are one of the few remaining areas where mobile/web user interface design can play the central role in innovation.” (

Obama Presidential Center Design Unveiled
“The three structures will create a central public plaza, while landscaping will connect the green roofs…” (


April 28, 2017

The Familiar Lousiness of the ESPN Layoffs
“Major talent was let go at the Worldwide Leader…but it’s not a liberal conspiracy, just business as usual.”

The Future Agency
“Tellart’s job is to create believable, immersive visions of the future based on the needs of its clients, which range from Google to Purina.” (

Disney’s Star Wars Land Details Emerge
“Following the marketplace you enter a cantina filled with exotic aliens, then comes your first choice…” (

6 Lessons About Design
“When your work is critiqued negatively, it is too easy to say, ‘My work is no good, so I’m no good,’ because we tend to put so much of ourselves into the process.” (

Facebook’s 10-Year Plan for the Future
“2017 Update: Brain-computer interface project announced…being developed in Facebook’s secretive Building 8.” (

Putting the Hotel Front Desk in Your Pocket
“Hotels are spending as much as 6 percent of total revenue on technology, according to the 2017 Lodging Technology Study.” (

Ready or Not, 5G is Preparing for Its Big Day
“After years of hot air…the fifth generation (5G) of mobile-phone technology has entered its final testing phase.” (

The Future Of Flying Is Nearly Here–But You Probably Can’t Afford It
“The next 10 years promise to bring radical change to airplane cabins, but it’ll cost you.” (

Xamarin 101
“Owned by Microsoft, this cross-platform tool is a very appealing solution for getting applications to market faster and at lower cost.” (


April 26, 2017

Girls Who Code won two Webby Awards for the Loop App! Check it out: Congratulations to Small Planet’s Mike Siedler, Nick Bowlin, and Javier Moreno on a great achievement. More on how we designed the Loop app here.

Webby Winner Girls Who Code Loop app


April 21, 2017

The Data or The Hunch
“More and more decisions, from the music business to the sports field, are being delegated to data…where does that leave intuition?”

Is Mobile About to Overtake Traditional TV?
“AT&T says data traffic on its network has increased 250,000 percent over the past 10 years.”

Scenes from NY TechDay
“Innovation, perspiration, and many, many people dressed like animals. It’s like an extended episode of Silicon Valley, but with a lot less California.” (

Advice to Young Designers
“You need to be able to speak the language of code to be able communicate clearly with programmers you’ll collaborate with.” 

22 Futuristic Ideas NASA Just Funded
“The transformative ideas include creating a new artificial-gravity system + bioengineering microbes to prepare Martian soil for farming.” (

April Playlist: Designer Dance Party
“Sometimes after a long day of prototyping and dealing with people who don’t understand your genius, you just want to DANCE.”

This Is Spinal Tap’s $400 Million Lawsuit
“The creative partners’ total income from soundtrack sales from 1989 to 2006was $98.” (

Electric Word, Life
“You probably have more online accounts than you think. Here’s how to get your digital affairs in order.” 

Turn Down Your Lights (Where Applicable)
“Netflix’s Mystery Science 3000 Revival is as funny (and necessary) as the original.” (


April 14, 2017

JPMorgan Software Does in Seconds What Took Lawyers 360,000 Hours
“The software, called COIN, reviews documents in seconds, is less error-prone and never asks for vacation.” (

How to Build a Unicorn
“There are 8 steps to build a Unicorn. The first step…is to decide to build a Unicorn. The fact that you’re still reading this article means you’ve already completed this step.” (

Interview With Moonlite Founder Natalie Rebot
“This has always been about getting kids engaged, making reading as exciting as any video game or any other piece of technology out there.” (

The 20 Most Successful Tech Failures of All Time
“One of the first DVRs to come to market, a brand so successful it became a verb, TiVo to this day puts out some of the best set-top boxes…but it played nice when it should have dominated.” (

Flat-Earthers’ Wild New Theory About Forests
“The flat earth is still flat, but now it’s dotted with tiny imitations of the truly enormous trees that once covered the continents, which in our deforested age we can hardly remember.” (

10 Brooklyn Design Firms You Should Know
“ explores a different topic each month, and the April 2017 topic is design. These stories explore people and firms making new, inventive and beautiful things…”  (

Your Digital Games Collection Isn’t Yours
“Most of the time this required relying on a big publisher, and big publishers haven’t always been known to act in the best interests of developers.” (

Tech’s Wealthy Enclaves Hurt the Country
“For too long, Silicon Valley’s rainmakers have poured the vast majority of their billions into businesses in just three states: California, New York, and Massachusetts.” (

How Top Digital Publishers are Getting Into Show Business
“As more platforms seek TV-like programming, digital publishers are happy to oblige and already set up to make episodic shows and long-form video content.” (


April 7, 2017

Biggest Misconceptions About VPNs
“There’s a problem though. VPNs are notoriously shady, are more complicated than they look, they’re unregulated, and can be more of a security risk than they’re worth if you don’t set them up correctly.” (

Climate Opinion Maps
“American opinions vary widely depending on where people live. So why would we rely on just one national number to understand public responses to climate change at the state and local levels? Polling is generally done at the national level…” (

Music Industry Sees Double Digit Growth as Streaming Takes Over
“Streaming overtakes sales as the leading driver of revenue for the music business…the first time since 1998 that the U.S. industry has experienced a double digit increase…” (

You Got It, Dude
“The Tuner podcast dives into a quite enlightening study of the opening themes of ‘Full House’ and ‘Fuller House.’ The hosts talk about the nature of covers, sequels, Carly Rae Jepsen, and the role of nostalgia when listening.” (

Free Ride: Is Bike Share’s Next Evolution a System Without Stations?
“The rise of dockless, or stationless, bike-share systems—which allow users to find and check out free-roaming bikes with a smartphone and leave them anywhere they want…” (

Shine Bright Like a Diamond
“Small Planet builds so much for mobile, we keep our eyes open for any app-specific Sketch plugins to help us out. We’ve curated a resource page including the plugins we use most often, available to anyone…” (

The Platform Press: How Silicon Valley Reengineered Journalism
“These companies have evolved beyond their role as distribution channels, and now control what audiences see and who gets paid for their attention, and even what format and type of journalism flourishes.” (

Dangerously Quiet
“The rumble of a car’s internal combustion engine is so pervasive few people even notice it anymore. Now consider what cities might sound like in the not-too-distant future when they teem with electric vehicles. The streets will be quiet—too quiet. And that presents a problem.” (

Dyson is the Apple of Appliances
“Dyson has shown an uncanny ability to mint money. Its latest robot cleaner…puts Dyson in rarefied company alongside Apple as one of the few tech companies worldwide to consistently profit from consumer gadgets.” (


March 31, 2017

You’ve Still Got Mail
Mossberg: “Email is a senior citizen…still, despite all signs to the contrary, and many predictions, email is not dead. In fact, some analyses suggest that it’s growing. Few people can afford to be without it. It hasn’t expired; it’s morphed.” (

The Daunting Task of Making AI Funny
“Tech companies, from giants to small startups, are investing in humor because they view it as an integral part of the human experience–and the key to their bots and assistants slipping smoothly into our lives.” (

Keeping Up With Venmo
“The bank-led system should bring online and mobile payments to a larger audience. Even competitors say the Zelle rollout could boost their fortunes by making digital-money transfers more mainstream.”

Renderings Resurrect Frank Lloyd Wright’s Demolished Buildings
“Even Wright’s buildings can fall victim to the ravages of time. But they’ve recently risen again in a series of hyperrealistic renderings painstakingly crafted by architect David Romero.”

March Madness Takes Over Mobile
“During the first week of March Madness 2017, users spent record levels of time in the CBS Sports and March Madness apps on Android phones in the US, reaching 30% of total time spent in the top 10 Sports apps…”

The Monster That’s Eating Hollywood
“Netflix’s spending on original and acquired programming this year is expected to be more than $6 billion…more than double what Time Warner Inc.’s HBO spends and five times as much as Showtime.”

Survival of the Friendliest
“It’s time to give the violent metaphors of evolution a break. Evolutionary progress can be propelled both by the competitive struggle to adapt to an environment, and by the relaxation of selective forces…” (

The Hotel Room…OF THE FUTURE!
“A few applicants have focused on energy savings and cooling pillows. The 1st place winner will receive $2,500, an Opal Nugget Ice Maker, and a free night at any 21c location…” (

Rise of the UX Writer
“Weaned on tales of the Golden Age, but presented with a drastically changed landscape, they’ve had to adapt to a different way of working: more platforms, more knowledge, less trust and less time.”  (


March 25, 2017

Spot On — A Birth Control and Period Tracker on the App Store has been recognized by Comms Art Interactive 2017 as a winner in the Mobile category! You can download the newest version of Spot On for iOS or Android today. Version 2.1 includes customizable appointment reminders in Profile, Touch ID integration to keep your Spot On private, a very fun sticker pack, and more.




March 24, 2017

The Best iOS 11 Concept Designs So Far
“Creative minds are already at work creating concepts of what they want the OS to look like. These aren’t based on any facts, but rather things the creators want to see in iOS 11.” (

What If My Sports Team…
“In honor of March Madness, Small Planet is thinking about how big-time sports could leverage technology to engage fans. Audio feeds, digital tailgating, armchair activism, replay options…(

American Farmers Are Hacking Their Tractors
“To avoid the draconian locks that John Deere puts on the tractors they buy, farmers have started hacking their equipment with firmware that’s cracked in Eastern Europe…(

The Big Bend
“Architecture studio oiio has conceived a bending skyscraper for New York, dubbed ‘the world’s longest building’…a single building that doubles back on itself at its peak to form an inhabitable arch.”

Everything About Mars is the Worst
“At first glance, Mars seems pretty nice. The sun warms its rusty surface to a balmy 70 degrees Fahrenheit during the day, and gentle breezes ruffle its dirt. Too bad it’s such a jerk.”  (

The Math Inside the US Highway System
“Numbers increase towards the Northeast. (Hey, NYC thinks it’s the center of the world, right?) I-5 is on the West coast, I-95 on the East coast. I-10 must be in Texas…(

Jennifer Brook on Design Research at Dropbox
“That wasn’t the only lesson Brook learned during her time at Apple…Jobs expected the same sort of honesty on the iPad as he would be providing on their prototype.” (

Does X-Men Technology Really Exist?
“Before we start laying out Wolverine’s powers and how CRISPR can be used to imbue humans with the same attributes, let’s first define exactly what CRISPR is and how it works.”(

What’s It Worth To You?
Planet Money Episode 759: “The amount left under kids’ pillows by the Tooth Fairy is an overlooked economic indicator. We bring you the story of how an economics team helped settle on the right price per tooth.”  (


March 17, 2017

How “Designed in California” is the New “Made in Italy”
“The state’s global design influence skyrocketed from 1960s counterculture to Silicon Valley tech culture. Divided into five parts..” (

Oxford Comma Wins
“The milk and cream company likely never appreciated the serial comma so much as it did Monday, when the lack of that little curved stroke cost the company an appeals court ruling…(

John Maeda’s Design In Tech Report 2017
“Delivered at SXSW on March 12, 2017: This report covers related M&A activity, new patterns in creativity × business, and the rise of computational design.(

Superhero Fiction Needs to Change or Die
On Iron Fist: “There’s precious little here that we haven’t seen before, and in a landscape saturated with superhero storytelling, that’s both a crippling flaw and an unforced error.

Artistic Expressions of Math Over 7 Centuries
“The historical and contemporary works in the small exhibition chronicle centuries of sharing and considering mathematical knowledge through art, design, and publishing….”  (

Alexa, Why Aren’t You a Dude?
“It’s a potentially troublesome phenomenon as anthropomorphic assistants accent non-threatening and subservient qualities to achieve social acceptance.(

Here Comes the Sun
“Worried about your garden getting enough sun, or if the apartment you saw yesterday is bright enough? SunCalc is an app that shows sun movement and sunlight phases during the day at the given location.” (

Gotta Have a Montage
Our new Spotify playlist celebrates March Madness and spring training. Small Planet asks the eternal question: Do you have what it takes to make it to the big game, dance, match, audition, and/or ninja level? (

Quantum Leaps
“A bathing cap that allows others to monitor the wearer’s mind. A sensor that can spot hidden nuclear submarines. A computer that can discover new drugs. The promise of quantum technology…” (


March 10, 2017

The Giant Leap Forward of Jordan Peele’s Get Out
“A meditation on a specific subgenre of American movies, the so-called social thriller, a subject that Peele talks about with wide-ranging thoughtfulness.” (

10 Breakthrough Technologies You Need To Know About
“Face-detecting systems in China now authorize payments, provide access to facilities, and track down criminals.(

Space Badges: The U.S. Army’s Coolest Award
“There’s a little-known training path that can earn you an honest-to-goodness Space Badge…something right out of Roddenberry’s vision of the future…(

5G Will Make Smartphones Boring
“The arrival of 5G may also finally bring millions of rural consumers into the high-speed data lanes where marketers increasingly sell their products.” (

The Upside Down
“The game tasks you with naming cities and countries based on an out-of-context, zoomed-in image of a random landmass or body of water that’s been flipped in one way or another.”  (

Keep SXSW Weird
“The broad format helped it survive. By providing an adaptable canvas for brands, art, technology, and politics to be recombined as the times demanded, SXSW never got pigeonholed as one thing.(

Why America is Self-Segregating
“In a world in which we have countless tools to connect, we are also watching fragmentation, polarization, and de-diversification happen en masse.” (

I Am a Robot, Here’s Your Pizza
These wheeled robots—or call them land-based drones if you want—have a leg up on aerial-drone delivery services envisioned by Google, Amazon, and others.(

Why super-smart people may be drawn to crime
“Indeed, Oleson’s high-IQ group reported higher crime rates, compared to the control group, for 50 of the 72 types of crime surveyed. These included minor offenses…” (


March 3, 2017

The Myth of Digital Equality
“Sharing apps were supposed to make services open to everyone. But real-life discrimination can be exacerbated in an economy where we are vulnerable to biases…” (

The Wisdom of Nokia’s Dumbphone
“The simultaneous fragility and…expense of smartphones also helps explain why the Nokia 3310 might appeal even to consumers who can afford better.(

How Filmmakers Use Color To Set The Mood
“Red is used to denote passion, danger or power. Pink signifies innocence, femininity and beauty. Yellow is associated with joy, naivety and insanity.(

Uber Is Doomed
“After a discombobulated 2016, in which Uber burned through more than $2 billion, amid findings that rider fares only cover roughly 40 percent of a ride, it’s hard to imagine…” (

Walden: A Game
“The new video game will urge players to collect arrowheads, cast their fishing poles into a tranquil pond, buy penny candies and perhaps even jot notes in a journal…”  (

Using tech to address gender bias in film
“Dubbed the Geena Davis Inclusion Quotient (GD-IQ), the tool can identify a character’s gender and it knew to a fraction of a second how long each actor…(

The Past, Present, and Future of Flying Cars
“Modernizing the concept of foldaway wing, Slovak flying car developer AeroMobil is attempting to take to the skies with the use of regular gasoline.” (

No CEO, No Problem
Do you really need someone to tell you what to do at work? Software consultancy Crisp decided that the answer was no. The firm had already trialled various structures…

Submerged in the Cosmic Kingdom
“Among the Shangri-Las scattered through the remote mountain valleys…the most exotic may be the medieval kingdom of Guge.” (


February 24, 2017

Minority Report
“Federal investigators can use the 30-year-old law to access your stored electronic content. It went into effect long before you probably sent your first e-mail… ” (

Only 12% Of Employees Use Enterprise Apps
“Companies want their employees to have the same amount of enthusiasm for enterprise apps as they do for consumer apps.(

Exploring the Ruins of Ford’s Fantasyland
“Hardly a lost city, Fordlândia is home to about 2,000 people, some who live in the crumbling structures built nearly a century ago.” (

Two Brothers Are Obsessively Filming Every National Park
“We were lucky enough to be there when the lava was actually hitting the water — and it ended up being quite dangerous, too.” (

What’s a Best Picture Nomination Worth?
“Movie studios are notorious for taking a creative approach to accounting, and that makes it difficult to calculate just how much money is being made.”   (

What If Alexa…
“Spoke with a Scottish brogue? Got out of the house more? Lived in the moment? Small Planet talks about what we’d like to see (and perhaps build) for everybody’s favorite AI. (

All the Cool and Crazy New Toys Coming in 2017
“The Ponycycle comes in different sizes and moves on wheeled feet as you move the pedals up and down with your legs, making it look as if you’re riding a pony.” (

Alexa on the Desktop, iPhone, and iPad
“Developers at U.S. digital consultancy Rain have created Reverb, which allows users to access Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant from their Mac desktop or iOS device. ” (

Every Star, Every Planet
NASA’s Kepler mission has verified 1,284 new planets – the single largest finding of planets to date. Nearly 550 could be rocky planets like Earth…and nine of these orbit in their sun’s habitable zone…” (

The Number One Job Skill in 10 Years
Video: Billionaire investor Mark Cuban speaks with Bloomberg’s Cory Johnson at the NBA All-Star Technology Summit in New Orleans. (youtube)


February 17, 2017

Something in the Airbnb
“A war of words between Airbnb and New York, its largest market, has escalated with the first fine issued by the city in what is expected to be a crackdown on ‘hosts’. Unfortunately, city and state laws…” (

Attack of the Apps
“We’ve now enabled a system where a major retailer can know, for example, that a teenager is pregnant before her parents do simply by correlating her activity, search and purchase data.(

Generative design software will give designers “superpowers”
“The software can automatically make aircraft lighter, buildings stronger and trainers more comfortable – with the designer acting as a curator…” (

A Thin Line Between Love and Hate
“Hater is a dating app that matches you with other users based on things you both hate. It’s the No. 1 lifestyle app in Germany right now…”  (

Professor Blackjack
“It involved an unexpected conversation with a man in a Cadillac…and discovering a key insight about beating the odds that had implications far bigger than any casino game winnings could be.” (

Even the Masters of the Universe Are Threatened
“Software that works on Wall Street is changing how business is done and who profits from it. Automated trading programs have taken over… (

Here’s How Much Money You’d Need to be Batman
“Among the Caped Crusader’s vigilante-related expenses: $1 million for a Batsuit with custom Kevlar; $79.5 million for Batmobiles (not including fuel); $210,000 for grappling guns…” (

The High Cost of a Home Is Turning Millennials Into the New Serfs
The Daily Beast: “This isn’t about lifestyle choices. It’s about a system in which the boomers are protecting their wealth and views at the expense of the rest of us.” (

A Dead Simple Tool To Find Out What Facebook Knows About You
“A new Chrome extension reveals the unsettling amount of information the company might have on you. If you could measure all the information…” (


February 10, 2017

The Privacy Challenge
“Manoush Zomorodi spends a lot of time thinking about that fleeting, uneasy feeling you likely get every time you download a new app and grant it access to your data. You might have had that feeling two months ago…” (

Lady Gaga’s Drones
“It’s probably the first time you’ve seen 300 drones flying in formation, but it’s almost certainly not the last. The same drones…will one day revolutionize search-and-rescue, agriculture, halftime shows, and more.” (

Rise of the Fake Apps
“The issue is now cropping up again on a far larger scale…during the holidays, dozens of brands were targeted, with fake apps appearing for brands ranging from the Dollar Store to Salvatore Ferragamo.” (

Indoor Drive-In to Open in Nashville
“The $10 million project aims to conjure a summer night in the sixties under a 40,000-square-foot, air-supported dome, complete with simulated starry sky.(

Do You Smell Like a Locker Room?
“Konica Minolta’s hand-held device KunKun (“sniff, sniff” in Japanese) purports to detect body odors, including those thought to characterize middle-aged men.” (

We Need to Talk About Silicon Valley’s H-1Bs
“The truth is that they want an expansion of the H-1B work visa program because they want to hire cheap, immobile labor — i.e., foreign workers…(

Now the Russians Figured Out a Way to Fix Slot Machines
“In early June 2014, accountants at the Lumiere Place Casino in St. Louis noticed that several of their slot machines had…just for a couple of days…gone haywire.” (

The World Is Not Enough
“The multiverse…the idea that there are an infinite number of other universes out there besides our own…stretches back at least 2,500 years. It’s an implication of efforts to solve some other problem.(

A.I. Is Music to Some Ears
“Jukedeck’s system involves feeding hundreds of scores into its artificial neural networks, which then analyze them so they can work out things like the probability of one musical note’s following another.” (


February 3, 2017

How Pac-Man Went from Arcade to Art Gallery
“Pac-Man’s significance to game designers was also critical. Not only was it the first to establish a narrative, which played out in mini-cartoons, it also featured characters with distinct personalities…(

Voice-driven devices are more than smartphones without a screen
“The real problem is that people are trying to apply the business model and perspective of writing apps for mobile phones to these new kinds of devices.

The Brooklyn Bridge’s Hidden Wine Cellars
“The vaults would once again do what they had been built to do when they were established in 1876, seven years before the bridge was even opened for travel.(

50 Years of Super Bowl Ad Pricing in One Chart
Motley Fool: “There’s simply no other way to reach that many people all at once, and that allows the networks to pretty much name their prices.

Make America’s Robots Great Again
“Here’s what you might call an alternative fact: American factories still make a lot of stuff. In 2016, the United States hit a manufacturing record…(

There’s Not Always Money in the Banana Stand
“One minute you’re changing the world and the next minute everything is falling apart. This guide about how to start a startup may help.” (

Interactive Map of Every Satellite in Orbit
“Yanofsky and Fernholz created an interactive chart showing the weight, national origin and position of more than 1,300 active satellites orbiting the planet Earth.” (

How Deep Is Your Love
“This is only the beginning. I believe that over the next few years start-ups and the usual big tech suspects will use deep learning to upgrade a wide suite of existing applications, and to create new products and services. ” (

Celebrate Immigrants
“Openness is at the core of the American DNA. Immigrants are our friends, coaches, teachers, family members—they are the founders and leaders of our country.” (


January 27, 2017

Firefox: The Browser That Time Forgot 
Mossberg: “But those days seem long ago. Firefox is hardly discussed today, and its usage has cratered from a high of over 30 percent of the desktop browser market in 2010 to about 12 percent…(

Walking on the Moon
“Nine designs are the winners of the Moontopia competition, which asked architects and designers to visualize life on the moon. Selected by a jury of NASA designers, academics, space architects…

The Women’s March Is a Perfect Example of Social Entrepreneurship
“The media has given us an image of the American entrepreneur. It’s usually a white male, wearing casual clothes and huddled over a laptop with similar friends.” (

The Demon Voice That Can Control Your Smartphone
“Researchers have created creepy sounds that are unintelligible to humans but still capable of talking to phones’ digital assistants.(

Technology Versus the Middle Class
“In a polarized labor market, a minority of highly skilled employees—the ones who can leverage technology to be more productive—effectively replace the labor of others…” (

England Players Told Mobile Phones Are Bad for Their Game
“England’s new vision consultant is to crack down on players’ use of mobile phones…to enhance their spatial awareness.” (

The Rise of Big Compute
“Cloud 3.0: Big Compute is the next transformational shift for enterprise cloud computing. Just like Big Data removed constraints on data and transformed major enterprise software…” (

Blade Runner Blues
“Eerie photos take you down China’s neon-lit alleyways. Marilyn Mugot’s Instagram feed teems with cinematic images of cluttered streets, slumbering high-rises and…” (

Status Updates on All the Major Movies and TV Shows Stuck in Limbo
“The Splash remake got a lot of buzz when it was first announced because of the flipped-script idea to cast Tatum as the merman…”


January 20, 2017

App Annie: Worldwide app downloads grew 15% 
“App Annie said U.S. time spent in apps grew more than 25 percent. Worldwide, downloads increased 15 percent by more than 13 billion across both iOS and Google Play.” (

What does George Lucas’ museum say about L.A.?
“It also played to…certain ideas Los Angeles has about itself, that it’s a city without a robust culture of civic engagement, that builds first and asks questions later…

We Don’t Have To Explain That Tech Is Not Diverse
“One of the first things my team did…was establish the norm that we will be talking openly about race and gender and socioeconomic backgrounds and physical abilities.” (

Go big and go home
“India’s Telangana government is doing something unprecedented: bringing broadband internet to every rural home in the region, some 23 million people in all.” (

Trump’s ‘Cadillac One’ limousine will be ‘fitted with emergency blood’
“The military-grade armor will make the doors so heavy that Mr Trump won’t be able to open them from the inside.” (

10 future-focused films coming in 2017
“This film will be the third entry in Paramount’s “Cloverfield” franchise and will most likely be renamed to fit in with previous titles…” (

A Fix for Gender Bias in Health Care? Check.
“The implications were alarming: Women who were trauma patients at Johns Hopkins Hospital…were in considerably greater danger of dying of preventable blood clots than men.” (

Big in Japan
“I started my company while I was on a tourist visa. This meant I didn’t have a Japanese phone number, permanent address, or residency card. All of these details had implications on my process.

Alexa Gives Amazon a Powerful Advantage
““The data had already helped make progress on a longstanding challenge known as the cocktail party problem…picking out a single voice from a hubbub of many people talking.” 


January 13, 2017

What if the iPhone had never arrived?
“The rise of the truly open cellphone – what Android was supposed to be but isn’t – would have created an entirely new ecosystem for cellphone apps…(

With 150 million daily active users, Instagram Stories is launching ads
“Just five months after its debut, Instagram Stories — and the 150 million people using it every day — are no longer free real estate.(

Neon Museum is saving Las Vegas’ most beautiful tech
“We consider neon Las Vegas’ native art form, and we have been entrusted by our community to care for and protect its heritage.”(

Throwback to the Future
“Volkswagen unveiled another new microbus concept in Detroit…blast from the past that probably won’t have much of a future.” (

US Army wants bullets that turn into plants
“The seeds should only sprout after being in the ground for several months and be safe for animals to consume.” (engadget)

The $3,607.08 Question
“Amazon’s most profitable division could be Amazon Web Services, the cloud-computing platform that brings in $10 billion…(practicalecommerce)

Gargoyles of New York
“Photographing and observing these urban fixtures during two years I had the opportunity to see them change. Sometimes for the worse and sometimes for the better…” (


January 6, 2017

Your Smart Bike Is Watching You
“Aimed at active users, these road and mountain bikes have GPS navigation and fitness tracking built-in…these new bikes are debuting at CES 2017.(

What I Learned about My iPhone After Switching to the Google Pixel
“Everything from the build quality to the extra attention and care paid to the operating system felt closer to the iPhone than I’ve seen before.(

Super Mario Run’s Not-So-Super Gender Politics
The game is rife with stale, retrograde gender stereotypes — elements that were perhaps expected in 1985…but that today are just embarrassing.”(

Amazon’s Floating Warehouses in the Sky
“Blimps would circle over cities at 45,000 feet and launch drones carrying orders. The drones would initially fall to earth relying largely on gravity…” (

The Best Version of the Star Wars Prequels is Still the Legendarily Bad Chinese Dub
“…One of their most legendary forms makes them watchable by making them even less sensible…” (

CES 2017 Innovation Award Honorees
“AI allows mobile phones to recognize thousands of items in real-time to assist the blind and visually impaired with exploring their surroundings.(

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