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7 Things That Will (Very Probably) Happen in 2018

HQ knockoffs, AR breakthroughs, Voice User Interfaces, and more.

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CES 2018 Alternative Restaurant Guide

Sometimes you just need to be free.

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Honor Roll

We met fascinating people, did great work, and had lots of fun.

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Small Planet’s 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Let’s get back to basics.

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Our Favorite Design Books – 2017 Edition

It’s only money.

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Discovery: Now What’s Kyser Thompson

“We’re trained in questions, and we ask them in a fun, compelling way.”

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Sticker Shock!

Come see all our toys.

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Unkindest Cuts

Cut these 5 things from your mobile project budget at your peril.


Building a Better Health App

Small Planet builds healthcare apps that combine empathy, functionality, and respect.