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What If Alexa…

Spoke with a Scottish brogue? Got out of the house more? Lived in the moment versus on the calendar? Small Planet talks about what we’d like to see more of from everybody’s favorite AI.

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Dispatches from Interaction 17

Spoiler Alert: People in creative industries tend to be very self critical.

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How much does it cost to make an app?

It depends, but making a good one usually takes real money.

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Winter Games 2017

The pinnacle of human endeavor.

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Scalable UI for iOS

Designing a gender-neutral period tracker with Planned Parenthood

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Will Adobe XD be a Viable Alternative in 2017?

Get ready for a million Sketch vs. XD debates.

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Dispatches from CES 2017

Welcome to Westworld.

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Our Favorite Design Books – 2016 Edition

You should be spending more money on books, starting immediately.

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Small Planet’s 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Toys, games, gear, and gadgets – the only things that can truly heal a divided nation. This year we surveyed the office to find the essential holiday gifts for friends, family, and ourselves.