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Count Up All the Good Things in Life! Bean is a simple, colorful counting app that allows you to easily track exercise goals, event attendance, game scores, and much more. We believe great design should make apps elegant and easy-to-use, and with Bean you can count, date, and track up to nine customizable categories using quick, powerful gestures.

What’s New in Version 3? Our recently-updated version of Bean includes easier navigation, faster access to your information, and improved audio accessibility features (including VoiceOver support). You can also do so much more with your data: export, email to yourself, download and import to new devices, and share with friends.

Built with Swift and up-to-speed with iOS 10, Bean puts a premium on users telling us what features they want for future updates. Plus, we did a complete round of bug fixes and performance improvements.

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2012 Rounded Rectangles iOS Design Award

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