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An app that makes it easier and faster than ever to take control of your sexual and reproductive health.

"The UI is gorgeous. Small Planet completely overhauled the information architecture to put the most important component of the app front and center, then organized supporting content around it.""

- Louis Nemeth, Planned Parenthood of Southern New England, Inc.

When you’re building a mobile application, “focus” is one of those concepts that’s easy to want and hard to achieve.

Health apps often try to be all things to all people: educator, symptom identifier, behavior tracker alert sender, and so on. Feature overload can obscure your app’s main objective. Users start getting lost and eventually leave.

Zipper®, powered by Planned Parenthood of Southern New England (PPSNE), had a similar challenge. PPSNE needed their app to provide discreet, convenient scheduling of appointments at any of their 18 health centers in Connecticut and Rhode Island.

We evaluated the earlier version of Zipper and worked with the PPSNE team to concentrate on their main objective for the app: offering users an easy, painless way of scheduling appointments.

When Small Planet designers and developers think about the user, they think not just about ease-of-use, but also about privacy and empathy.

We seized the opportunity to support PPSNE’s mission in providing greater accessibility to the clinics in their region. Zipper has been completely reimagined with a new design that streamlines appointment booking and simplifies navigation so users can find information quickly.

Users can see all available appointments at a glance (broken out by location) as well as directions, hours, and specific service offerings at each clinic. This content is dynamic, so it's always up-to-date and accurate. Users are dropped right into the booking process and can easily arrange an appointment within 1-3 minutes.

Access to content relevant to each particular user's selections is provided along the way. For instance, you can receive more information about Pregnancy Tests if that’s what you've selected for a visit. Reminders and Add to Calendar are easy opt-ins, but always completely at the user's discretion to protect privacy.

The earlier version of Zipper was iOS only. PPSNE needed not just an update, but an Android version as well. Cross-platform parity was a must. Going forward, iOS and Android versions had to be updated consistently and at the same time.

We used Microsoft’s Xamarin development tool to consolidate the codebases. Working on multiple platforms makes consistent customization more involved, and it was a perfect opportunity for us to develop our own in-house tools to use on future Xamarin projects.

PPSNE brought considerable technical expertise to the project, implementing a beautifully-designed API and a thoughtful digital strategy. There’s no doubt about what to do when opening the app now, just a focus on what’s important.

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Planned Parenthood of Southern New England




Xamarin / Visual Studio | Client-built API for
Appointment Booking

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