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Babies"R"Us Registry

Optimized for ecommerce and social sharing.

It's Go Time

When babies come into your life, you need things to be easier, not more complicated. That idea was central to our redesign of the Babies“R”Us Registry app, a tool for creating and managing baby registries from the massive Babies“R”Us inventory.

We redesigned the app to make the multi-channel user experience more streamlined, so users can easily create lists and buy products using a combination of web, mobile, and in-store visits.

Adding Mobile Ecommerce

Earlier versions of the Babies“R”Us Registry app focused on creating and sharing a registry, but items on the registry could not be purchased directly from the app. Transactions could only happen in-store or on the Babies“R”Us website. For a major retailer in an incredibly competitive space, that had to change.

We added Cart and Commerce functionality that makes it easy for users to make purchases without leaving the app. Optimizing the app for mobile purchasing helps grow the number of new users, new registries, and overall sales.

Finding a registry and ordering items is now a simple, hassle-free user experience for friends and family. Parents are seeing the benefits, too: a high percentage of them decide to buy items off their registries as they’re managing them, both before and after the baby arrives.

New Digital Tools

Babies”R”Us needed new tools to drive traffic and re-engage users as part of their Be Prepared-ish campaign, BRU’s new digital-first effort to reach millennials. While many of the app’s users are first-time parents, they’re very comfortable with the idea of using digital tools to support their parenting skills.

Using the visual commerce platform Curalate, we incorporated #BRUBuzz, which uses curated social content to reach new parents and help them “see how others are using the best baby gear.” It’s a go-to resource for retailers who want to build a lifestyle idea around their offerings.

We also integrated a push notification strategy into the app using Appboy (soon to be Braze), the customer relationship management and mobile marketing automation software.

Product Management

We were also able to step in to provide Agile product management support to meet the app’s broad-ranging ecommerce and social media objectives. Relying on our knack for empowering teams and streamlining processes, we created a roadmap that met the needs of all of the stakeholders at Babies“R”Us.

Our designers created a colorful, engaging user experience, and our producers were able to support the Babies“R”Us’ developers throughout the sprint process and the migration of backend systems to Amazon in the most efficient way possible.

We improved access to existing features, like the ability to speak directly to customer service and scan barcodes from products you see in in-store straight into a registry. We also laid the groundwork for updates that will add deep linking and event tagging. Plus, we made stickers for the app, which look absolutely amazing!

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